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We collaborate with industrial designers to create our products, here's a snapshot of the design process.

1. Inspiration
Local locations: Mount Hood, Portland's newest bridge – Tilikum Crossing, speed and motion.


2. Sketch Phase:
Playing with forms and details, while always keeping in mind security factors and the final user, cyclists.

3. Pushing the form:

Once we had the general form factor established, experimenting in 3D allowed rapid prototyping of possibilities, different pipe and flanges and dialing in the final concept.


The last image in this slideshow was a playful boundary-pushing visual concept, but we knew it wouldn't work well with a standard u-lock. —Exploration and pushing the limit is a very important step, but the knowledge that goes into the final editing process is key to a great product.

4. Final Product:

Speaks for itself! 


Thanks to Gabe at CCD for working with us!

Are you an industrial designer interested in collaborating on a project?