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Casey Rice   Owner

Casey Rice

Casey started out running his own contracting business, in 2000 he bought Huntco from John Hunt. His years of contracting experience give him a valuable perspective and deep understanding of the business from both sides. He still enjoys being able to work directly with contractors, architects and the construction industry as a whole.


He rides his bike to the office 2-3 days a week. Summers you'll find him stand-up paddling in the river, winters he likes to take his family skiing on Mt. Hood.


James Bastron  General Manager

James Bastron
General Manager

James has been with Huntco since 1996 beginning as a "driver, packaging and shipping guy" he's since moved on to helping clients with estimates, paperwork and getting their projects rolling.


He drinks a lot of strong Portland coffee to keep up with his wife and two kids and he dreams of someday owning a 3-legged dog shelter.



Matt Sallee  national sales manager

Matt Sallee
national sales manager

Matt is the "new guy"—he's only been with Huntco since 2006. His two favorite things about working for Huntco are: 

1. talking to folks all over the country about their projects and 2. helping them find the bicycle rack that best fits their needs. 


Matt is a husband and father of 3 (4 if you count Finley the dog). If you want to know the best spots for fishing in AK or the PNW, Matt was previously a fishing guide and still loves to get his feet wet. 

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