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Concrete Benches

Spec Sheets

Concrete Benches Spec Sheets

Our popular "Combo Bench!" - This unique modular bench combines a planter, stool or ash urn with a 48" bench to give you a 78" unit in overall length that is attractive and functional. The bench is 13" wide x 3" thick. The total weight, including the end pieces, is 700 lbs. The CB108 is a larger version of the CB84. It has a 6' bench and is 9' in overall length. Weight: 800 lbs.

21" wide x 17" high x 72" long. Exposed aggregate legs with a smooth seat. Weight: 540 lbs.

22" wide x 33" high x 72" long. Exposed aggregate legs with a smooth seat and back. Weight: 820 lbs.

20" wide x 17" high x 72" long. Smooth concrete legs with smooth concrete top. All one piece. Weight: 600 lbs.

This outstanding circular pedestal table with three matching circular benches features traditional detailing at the base. Table has a 42" diameter, with benches, it's an 84" diameter. Height: 30" Weight: 800 lbs.

TBC72*, TBC72A*
72" wide x 30" high x 72" long. Planks are 3" thick x 12" wide x 72" long. Legs are 4" thick. The TBC72 sets on the ground and weighs 1350 lbs. The TBC72A has longer legs for setting in the ground. Weight: 1750 lbs.

* The BNB, BWB, TBC72, TBC72A and RTB84 are shipped unassembled on a pallet with all fasteningbolts included.