Huntco located in Portland, Oregon
Bike racks, bike lockers, benches, and architectural site furnishings since 1980

America's Capital of Biking: Portland

Huntco is lucky to be located in Portland, Oregon, the home of the nation's most vibrant and active bicycling culture. Strong claim? Perhaps, but Portlanders take their alternative transportation seriously. And so do we: Huntco's president, Casey Rice, bicycles to work most days. (And why not every day? Because we Portlanders also believe in moderation!)

Bike lanes are everywhere. Exclusive bicycling paths? You bet. Special bicycle parking? That's where Huntco comes in.

Huntco is proud to have provided the bike racks for the valet parking in Portland's south waterfront.

The City of Portland has recently contracted with Huntco to provide a large number of our high-quality, vandal-resistant bike storage solutions for use along public streets. Seen below is a block of ten HP Racks suitable for storage of up to 20 bikes.

Huntco is proud to have also provided the bike racks in this video as well.