Huntco located in Portland, Oregon
Bike racks, bike lockers, benches, and architectural site furnishings since 1980

About Us

Huntco Site Furnishings, LLC is based in Portland, Oregon and has been manufacturing bike racks, benches and site furnishings for 30 years. Our success and longevity comes from the superior products we manufacture and distribute; the personalized attention we give to every customer, large or small; and our highly competitive pricing structure.

Huntco has always set the standard for quality and innovation in commercial bike racks.We've never been satisfied with the status quo and are constantly improving design and manufacturing techniques, as well as introducing new concepts and imaginative products, such as our most recent line of outdoor benches. All of our site furnishings are virtually weatherproof and vandal-proof and are backed by the famous Huntco warranty.

Huntco is proud to have customers in the industrial and retail sectors, local governments and civic organizations, schools and universities, transit systems and homeowners associations throughout the United States. All of our customers know that they can count on us for on-time delivery of high quality products at a fair price. We easily fulfill requests for unique bike racks, whether it's one of a kind or 50 new designs.

We appreciate the loyalty of our customers, established and new, and pledge to them that we will continue to provide the quality, service and innovation that sets us apart from the others. We look forward to at least 30 more years of serving you and successfully manufacturing the best bike racks, benches and site furnishings available.

Contact Us


P.O. Box 10385
Portland, OR 97296-0385


800-547-5909 (toll-free)
503-274-2055 (fax)


The Huntco Warranty

Seller warranties to replace, or at the Seller's option, repair any product or part thereof which is found to be defective in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date that the Buyer accepts the products. All parts and labor required under the warranty provisions shall be supplied free of charge.

Transportation costs of returning the products to and from the repair facility or the costs involved with the contractor personnel traveling to the Buyer's facility for the purpose of repairing the products on site shall be borne by the Seller during the 1 year warranty period.